8 Crazy Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

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Las Vegas is one of Nevada’s most vibrant and popular cities. It is known for its exceptional big-city features, such as elite shopping, restaurants, entertainment, country club communities, luxury neighborhoods, and more!

Whether in the city for a short- or long-term stay, you should take advantage of its exciting things. If you are planning a never-before trip to this city with your loved one, congratulations because you’ve come to the right place!

This article compiled the most thrilling and craziest things to do in Las Vegas for couples. Let’s start, shall we?

Unconventional Escapes

Unconventional Escapes

Surprisingly, Las Vegas is not only a place to shop and party but also a place where you can try unconventional escapes! The things you can do in the city stretch even to things you probably only thought of in your wildest dreams.

How so? We listed some of the best adrenaline delights to help couples discover more things to do with their partners, but with an exciting twist. If you’re ready to have some adventures in Sin City, take your lover’s hand and be prepared for an electrifying and sparks-igniting pursuit!

1. Zipline over the Strip at SlotZilla

Our first stop for the crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples is the zipline.

Feel the blood rushing in your veins and your heart pumping twice as fast in the SlotZilla zipline. It is an 11-story zip line modeled after slot machines and is an integral component of the Fremont Street Experience.

The zip line features the world’s largest slot machine and other typical Las Vegas attractions.

2. High Roller Observation Wheel

Our second stop was once the world’s largest observation wheel. It is none other than Las Vegas’ High Roller Observation Wheel, where you can experience it like you’re at the top of the world!

Since its inception in 2014, this has become the centerpiece of the LINQ Hotel and Casino promenade, located on the world-famous Strip in Las Vegas.

Up to forty people can fit inside each cabin, and because this is Las Vegas, there is a bar at the bottom of the wheel where you can buy drinks and bring them on the ride!

3. Gun Range Experience at Machine Guns Vegas

Gun Range Experience at Machine Guns Vegas

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

Our third destination is the Machine Guns Vegas, where you can get the best shooting range experience. It’s an unconventional way to date, but definitely heart-swaying!

MGV is where you must have the most incredible, completely automatic firepower experience in Las Vegas. It’s either all or nothing!

The Full Auto Experience features a variety of six completely automatic weaponry, including the world’s most popular gun, the AK-47; the G3 and the SIAGA; a whole auto shotgun; and a Full Auto Glock, as shown in the film “Skyfall.”

4. The Mob Museum

Fourth on our list is the Mob Museum. It is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization aiming to improve public awareness of the history of organized crime and its impact on American society.

It is a historical gem conveniently located just minutes away from Fremont Street.

The Mob Museum presents a daring and genuine perspective on organized crime, ranging from the seedy underbelly of old Las Vegas to the seedier back alleys of American cities and, increasingly, beyond the networks of the entire world.

Explore the fascinating history of the Mob through engaging hands-on exhibitions featuring unique artifacts from both the Mob and law enforcement agencies. These exhibits are housed within a meticulously renovated courtroom and post office building dating back to 1933.

The Mob Museum is the place to go for crime documentary fans. If your partner is one of them, their curiosity and interest will be entertained here!

5. Erotic Heritage Museum

The fifth on our list is the Erotic Heritage Museum. Interesting? Let’s find out!

The Erotic Heritage Museum, which spans over 2,230 square meters and 24,000 square feet, allows visitors to learn from its art and exhibitions centered on sexuality.

VIP tickets to educational performances in the museum’s theater also offer visitors access to exhibits that span various sexual behaviors and expressions.

Masturbation, toys, erotic couplings, erotic items, and even erotic novels, sexual sculptures, and even the cultural significance of sex are all included in this category. The upside of going to museums like this include:

  • You will widen your knowledge about sexuality and sex education.
  • You will learn more about sexual expression.
  • You will be open and comfortable with subjects about erotica.

Visiting an erotic museum is included in our crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples because not everyone is willing to explore their sexualities outside the walls of their rooms. Going to places like this will surprise you with what more you can learn about your partner and your relationship.

Epic Adventures for Couples

Epic Adventures for Couples

Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash

6. Dig This Heavy Equipment Playground

Your sixth option for an ideal crazy date in Las Vegas for couples is the Heavy Equipment Playground.

Does your partner’s favorite toys as a child include bulldozers, backhoes, trucks, and other heavy equipment? Your chance to make your childhood imagination a reality is here in Las Vegas!

The Dig This Las Vegas Heavy Equipment Playground offers hours of playtime in the sand, but you are operating the big boy machines this time!

The facility features a life-sized sandbox where you may dig, create mounds, teeter-totter on a mound, move and stack 2,000-pound tires, and more! You and your partner may choose from a 1- or 2-hour session, then select a 315 excavator, a D5G bulldozer, or both.

Don’t worry if it is your first time operating these machines because your instructor will guide you as you do exciting shoveling work.

Have you ever thought of doing this before? It is your chance to showcase your heavy equipment operating skills to your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Make them proud!

7. Indoor Skydiving at Vegas Indoor Skydiving

The seventh on our list is the Indoor Skydiving at Vegas Indoor Skydiving. The place where you can fly without the risk of dangerous accidents, just pure bliss!

You may enjoy the exhilarating feeling of skydiving without using a parachute or an airplane. Instead, a motor with 1,000 horsepower will keep you in the air. The propeller starts spinning, and air circulation gets underway.

You are gliding through the air, flying and free-falling, while the wind speeds reach 120 miles per hour. It’s the perfect adrenaline rush-inducing activity and an opportunity to defy gravity with your love for your partner in Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

8. Wayne Newton's Casa de Shenandoah Tour

Our last stop for the crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples is Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah.

Take a tour of Casa de Shenandoah to get an inside look at the residence of Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton. You may visit the Visitor Center to view a short film about Wayne Newton and his grand mansion.

Learn about this 52-acre ranch tour by shuttle and experience an estate spotlight, animal showcase, and more.

Visiting this mansion in Las Vegas is one of the things you should not miss when you’re in the city. It is an exceptional place for a date with your partner, especially if they love home tours, unconventional yet enjoyable!

8 Crazy Things to Do in Las Vegas for Couples

Wrap Up

Planning and getting out of the conventional dates is one of the loveliest and most romantic gestures you can do for your partner. It’s also a way to nurture your relationship by establishing trust and sharing remarkable memories.

Our guide to the crazy things to do in Las Vegas for couples might be the perfect blueprint for your blossoming or rekindling love! Don’t contain yourselves in the typical relationship set-up when you can spice up things and keep the fire blazing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age required is 14. However, riders under the age of 18 are required to have parental supervision and a valid identification card.

The average duration of a flight over the Strip is between 12 and 15 minutes. Flights above the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam can last 30 minutes to 4 hours.

On longer tours, the helicopter will land at various viewpoints so that passengers may get out, walk around, and appreciate the beauty of the place.

You may also book a night helicopter tour of Las Vegas to observe the splendor of the stunning Las Vegas Strip from the comfort of a luxurious helicopter and get a bird’s-eye view of the area.

It is one of the most remarkable ways to watch over the neon lights and casinos along the Strip. Price starts at around $120 per person.

For first-timers, indoor skydiving is an activity that is both risk-free and entertaining. Vegas Indoor Skydiving is a well-known attraction in Las Vegas that allows visitors to experience skydiving in an enclosed space supervised and monitored for safety.

Gusts of wind can reach up to 120 miles per hour, and the sensation of free-falling through the air is a must-experience.

The Neon Museum will allow you to enjoy a private photo session in their Neon Boneyard, home to 150 classic ‘Old Vegas’ signs. The shoot can go for either a half hour or an hour. There is a fee associated with these photoshoots, which the Museum levies.

At the time of reservation, you must submit payment for the fee. A notice of at least two weeks is required to reserve a spot on one of these photo tours.